Editor's note

Welcome to the second issue of TOKEN Magazine. 

For this issue a theme was set. Bodies. Readers, I’d like you to think of the word. What is the first thing that your mind conjures up? I’ll bet it’s different from what I think of. If you ask your friends, I’ll also bet what comes to their mind is different too. This is the first thing I realised when reading the submissions for this issue. Each piece was vastly different, and so personal. The word is loaded, despite it sounding seemingly simple, describing something we all have. The word holds different feelings, anxieties, insecurities, hopes, fears and possibilities. As a result, in this magazine you will find a range of stories, essays, and poems. From a look at racial stereotypes in the LGBT+ community, to a tale of a magical metamorphosis, this issue will take you on a journey through the body. 

In a world in which we are constantly being compared and told we are not good enough, I would like to remind you that you are. And you are not alone. You might even find some of yourself in these stories, and feel comfort in that. If not, I hope through reading these pieces you gain insight into a perspective unlike your own. 

I hope you enjoy this issue.