Do you offer work experience?

We do not offer work experience at this time. TOKEN Magazine is actually run by one person, with volunteers who help with proofreading. If you are interested in helping with the proofreading process please email

Can anyone submit to Token magazine?

Whilst we are all about inclusivity, we are mainly focused on hearing from those under-represented in literature and the arts, and these people will make up the majority of the magazine. When we say under-represented we mean BAME, LGBT+, those with disabilities and lower class backgrounds. That said, it also depends on the subject matter, as we are keen to include alternative narratives about subjects not widely spoken about. If in doubt, email us on

Do you pay contributors?

At the moment, we are sadly not able to pay our contributors. TOKEN Magazine is ran by one person (Sara Jafari) who works on the magazine in her spare time after working her full-time job elsewhere. All the printing costs come from her own savings, and any profit made from previous issues go towards printing the next issues. So whilst TOKEN Magazine is at this moment in time a passion project, we do have hopes to grow in the future and gain funding, which would then enable us to pay our contributors. So watch this space!  Also, when we can, we do put our contributors forward for paid work with other companies who approach us, so we are always actively trying to support our contributors in this way too.