TOKEN Magazine Issue 3


TOKEN Magazine is calling for submissions for ISSUE 3 from writers, artists, illustrators and photographers on the theme LOVE.

LOVE can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Self love, romantic love, heartbreak, crushes, passion hobbies, the state of Tinder, familial love, the list goes on…

For Issue 3 we are looking to publish:

 Short stories, life writing, essays (not academic)

The maximum word count for short stories is 2500 words, and for life writing and essays it is 1500 words.


The maximum number of pieces to submit is five (they can be part of a collection or separate). We ask also for a short description to accompany the art.

Short comics

Maximum of 10 A5 pages. It could also be an extract from a larger piece.


The maximum number of pieces to submit is five (they can be part of a collection or separate). We ask for a short description to accompany the photography.


We usually pair illustrators with writing. So please send across some of your work if you’re interested in getting involved, and we will give you a loose brief once the selected written pieces are confirmed.

Please note: your work must be original and not published elsewhere (even your own blogs, etc.) And we are not looking to include poems for issue 3.

Who can submit?

TOKEN Magazine is an independent literature and arts magazine featuring under-represented writers and artists. Interpretations of this word are continually changing and evolving, especially as the magazine grows and we learn more. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, and broadly speaking by under-represented we mainly mean BAME, LGBT+, working class and disabled. But we’re aware you might be under-represented and not fit these categories, and if so we’d like to hear your story too. Think about whether growing up you saw yourself in literature, media and the arts. If you didn’t, submit. And if you did, think about whether you saw yourself as the underdeveloped token side character. And if you did, submit. Basically, TOKEN Magazine is a magazine written by those who often are not given a voice. We want to champion those voices.


Do contributors get paid?

TOKEN Magazine is edited and designed by just one person as a side passion project, and at the moment barely breaks even (the harsh truth!). So, as it stands now, the answer is unfortunately no they do not. That said, funding options are being looked into and applied for, so if this goes through there is the possibility of contributors being paid, but we don’t want to promise anything.

All contributors receive a contributor copy, and there will be the opportunity to have their works displayed at the launch party.


The deadline for sending in your submissions is 17 June 2018.


Please include in your submission

1.     Your submission (obviously!). If it’s a written submission please send in a WORD document (not a PDF, as it’s difficult to then read on a Kindle). Any other submissions we don’t mind what format it comes in.

2.     A short bio about yourself. This doesn’t have to be long.

3.     Please also specify that you are eligible to submit as an under-represented writer and artists. This is very important. Due to the sheer number of submissions (and the fact that TOKEN Magazine is ran by one person (I know I say ‘we’ a lot in copy, but ‘I’ would sound weird!) who works full-time elsewhere) there isn’t the time to email back and forth to clarify this. So, if this bit is not mentioned, your submission may be rejected on that basis.

 Please send your submissions to

If you have any questions, or wanted guidance on an idea, please email


We are also always looking for volunteers to help with proofreading - if you'd like to get involved please drop us an email to show your interest.