Welcome to the third issue of TOKEN Magazine.

I knew I wanted to do an issue entirely dedicated to love because, as well as being universal, it’s a feeling human beings are forever trying to describe, to put into words in an attempt to decipher our complex emotions. So it seemed fitting that in this issue we attempt just that.

This issue begins with a tour through the difficulties of romantic love and then we take a look at self-love and friendship. Despite the varying viewpoints in each piece, at the heart they all have one message in common: loving yourself is paramount. So reader, remember you are important and deserving of love.

Issue 3 ends with a look at your 2019 love horoscope—as important as it is to look inward and reflect, I’d like you to also consider looking outward to the future.

We’re all trying to figure love out, one word at a time. I hope you enjoy this issue.