Editor's note

Welcome to the very first issue of TOKEN Magazine. I can’t quite believe the issue has come together and I am so excited to share the works of exceptionally talented writers, artists and illustrators with you.  

Inside this magazine you will find stories from unheard voices, differing from the perspectives we regularly see in the mainstream media. In times of uncertainty, hearing stories from these unheard writers and artists is needed more than ever. We will find commonalities between ourselves and the writers/artists, and if not, learn first-hand about a person’s lived experience, all the while understanding that one person cannot be a representative of a group. We all have our own stories to tell.     

There was no set theme for Issue 1 and yet there is a connection between all the pieces in this issue: that of isolation, lacking a sense of unity with the world (although in some of the pieces this becomes resolved). I don’t think it is a coincidence that the majority of the pieces in this issue have this theme, and I very much hope that through discourse in the future these will be stories less of isolation, and more of togetherness. 

Until that time comes, I hope you enjoy the issue.