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“I was first called a paki when I was seven-years-old, by a six-year-old boy.”

Life Writing | Issue 1 | Written by Sara Jafari | Illustration by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan


An Open Letter to Body Beautiful Me and You

“Disabled women can wear lingerie, disabled women can wear whatever they like and will look spectacular. Disabled women can do absolutely anything they want, they can and should accomplish their dreams, and they will look beautiful doing it.”

Life Writing | Issue 2 | by Presley Nassise

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From Issue 2 by Nicola Webb

“Vanessa cheeks went pink. She wasn’t Chinese. But she was vaguely aware that she was different. What she didn’t realise was that it was something worth giggling over, something the other children noticed. She had never given it much thought. Until now.”

Short Story | Issue 2 | Written by Nicola Webb | Illustration by Neeki Chitsaz